Snack Recipes

Who doesn’t love a good Snack?  Sweet or Salty it’s always great to grab a handful of these snack recipes and enjoy!

Snack Mix Recipes

Are you looking for a Sweet Snack Mix?  OR maybe a Salty Snack Mix? I know, it’s got to be a Holiday Snack Mix, am I right?  Well regardless of what you are thinking you might be wanting, we have a solution for you here. 

Snack Mixes made with Chex Cereal, Bugles, Golden Grams, and more!  You are sure to come back for another handful of these great Snack Mixes.  Which is our FAVORITE Snack Mix?  Well, the one in our hand of course!  

Halloween Chex Mix

Who doesn’t smile when they see Chex Party Mix?  Halloween Chex Mix Recipes are fun, sweet and savory with Witches Hats (Bugles), Bat Wings (pretzels), and Skeleton Scabs (Chex Cereal).  Add in some fun add-ins and this Homemade Chex Mix is perfect for any Halloween...

Holiday Chex Mix

Holiday Chex Mix is an Ooey Gooey addicting Chex mix Snack filled with cashews, coconut, a sweet sauce and of course Chex Cereal.  We love this Holiday Mix year around.  Trust me, it won’t last long.  It’s that addicting. Chex Mix Recipe Serves 6 |...

Apple Pie Chex Mix

Apple Pie Chex Mix is as easy as Apple Pie!  And tastes just like it too.  Are you a fan of Chex Mix?  This Muddy Buddies recipe will get you in the Fall mood with the Cinnamon and caramel flavors topped with a delicious apple slice. Apple Pie Chex Mix Serves 6 |...

Better than Sex Chex Mix

Regardless of what you call it, Better than ‘Whatever’ Chex Mix has really upped the game over traditional Chex Mix and Chex Mix Recipes. Better than 'Sex' Chex Mix is a favorite in my home with the sweet chocolate, and the Chex Crunch. Better than Sex Chex Mix Serves...

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