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Little tricks in the kitchen make the big meals go off without a hitch.

Instant Pot ~ How To!

Have you jumped on the Instant Pot Crazy?  Are you one of those Instant Pot owners who still has their Instant Pot in the box?  Are you afraid you will blow something up under all that pressure?  Well, you are NOT alone!  Actually most people are...

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How To Cut Pineapple

We all love fresh pineapple - but if you have ever tried to cut one up yourself, you're probably questioning if it's even worth it?! This simple how-to guide will help make all the effort worth it to enjoy this sweet fruit. It's...

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How To: Juice Lemons or Limes

So you don't have a Juicer to juice lemons or limes? No worries!  When it comes to juicing these little guys, there is no need to have any fancy gadget to clutter up your kitchen drawers.  Juicing lemons or limes is pretty easy once you know the trick. And...

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How To: Cook Bacon (in the oven)

There is nothing that says, "I love bacon!" more than standing over a hot skillet with splattering grease and an aroma that makes your mouth water. However, that mouthwatering delight barely lasted seconds on the plate and left a...

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How To: Tips and Tricks to Cook Rice

Cooking Rice is one of those things that can be frustrating when it doesn't come out correct.  No one enjoys biting into a piece of rice that is still a little hard.  It just seems to ruin the meal.  Of course there is always Minute Rice, which works every time but...

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How To: Measure Crisco and Keep it Clean

Measuring Crisco or any other sticky ingredients has always been a chore. It seems to find it's way all over you and onto every surface. What a mess!! Look no further.  This "How To" measure Crisco is brilliant!  It's quick, fast and easy just the way I like them....

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Get to know the Chef behind the Camera!

Rebecca Grace_Devour Dinner_Recipes

Welcome to Devour Dinner!  I am here to answer the age old question of “What’s for Dinner?”.  My recipes are easy to make recipes for busy families using common ingredients.  So take a look around and enjoy!  And don’t hesitate to drop me a message and ask questions.  I’m happy to help!