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We have all found ourselves standing in the pantry, staring, glancing back and forth. There’s food, but nothing to eat. We head for the fridge hoping for better inspiration. Nothing. Back to the pantry. Sigh of defeat. Reach for the box of Mac N’ Cheese.

No longer will you need to wander the kitchen aimlessly trying to think of how to put food together and feel good about calling it dinner.

While the main course might be all you’ll need to be satisfied, a side-dish can always be a welcomed addition. However, much like our familiar dilemma in the pantry – shrugging our shoulders while mumbling, “I don’t know what to make with that!” Will be a thing of the past. We’ve made specific suggestions of side-dishes that taste nothing short of amazing to go along with what you’ve made for dinner.

And then we have dessert to tie it all off. But let’s be real with each other for just a moment – any effort at making dessert more often than not comes when you have guests over for dinner. Whether you’re set to impress or simply offset the small portions at dinner – we have surprisingly easy, yet stunningly impressive, dessert recipes that are sure to get the compliments rolling.

The Chef behind the Camera

Want to know what happens when you combine a fantastic home cook with a passion for design? Another food blog. Well – Devour Dinner to be exact.

Hi, I’m Rebecca!  Welcome to my Kitchen.  This is where I create fantastic recipes and where I show YOU just how easy they are to make.  All my recipes are easy to make using common ingredients.  I pride myself in elevating recipes with fantastic flavor.  I love to enjoy what I eat and I want to share that with you.

Now would be a great place to say, “it’s history.” However, my story has just begun and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you all that they have been working on for the past year.

As a mom of all boys, I’m completely outnumbered and I love it!  Even our English Cream Golden Retriever, Finn is male too.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  When I’m not busy playing taxi driver, attending sporting events, or training Finn, I can typically be found in the Kitchen.  My motto was taken from one of my Heroes, Walt Disney  ~ “It’s Kind of Fun to do the Impossible!”  Devour Dinner is a dream brought to reality by doing the impossible.  Walt has always been my inspiration and continues to help me reach my goals.  I love to travel, especially to anywhere Disney related and hope to see more wonders of the world where I can experience different cultures and foods.

I couldn’t do this without the support of my boys and husband.  They put up with photoshoots, and blog talk and work around camera equipment, plates, and all things related to food!  They taste test and try it all, well mostly.  My picky eater will likely always be picky and that’s okay too.  I also am thrilled to have the support and help from a dear friend and mentor, Dustin.  He has pushed me in many ways to reach for more while always growing and building my skills.

We want to hear from you!

    Commonly, I am known as the chef. There is always room at my table for one more dinner to devour. I love my family and want them to grow a love for cooking as they mature and leave home. My hope is Devour Dinner will allow my family, my friends, and all who grace this site with a deeper passion of cooking. To take the guess work out of “What’s for dinner?” and bring memories back to the table. A place where new home cooks can learn the basics needed to make a meal and gain confidence in what they are doing and enjoy the moments surrounding a table.

    Take a look around! You just might find something you like.

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    At Devour Dinner we love to bring our readers excellent products that they can use both in recipes and helping to prepare recipes. We only want the best and we don’t hesitate to let our readers know just how we feel about a product or ingredient. Brand sponsorship is one way we create an income for Devour Dinner.

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