So you don’t have a Juicer to juice lemons or limes? No worries!  When it comes to juicing these little guys, there is no need to have any fancy gadget to clutter up your kitchen drawers.  Juicing lemons or limes is pretty easy once you know the trick. And you’ll look like a natural pro in the kitchen if anyone ever catches you in the act. Let’s get started, it’ll only take a minute:

Squeezing Citrus

Step 1: Grab a lemon and roll it on the counter.  Use some pressure until it feels squishy, this helps to “soften” the fruit and allow the juices to be released.  If your wonderful little citrus is still pretty hard – That’s okay! – Cut the lemon in half and place in the microwave for 20 seconds.

Step 2: Then take a small spoon and press it into the outer edge, twisting back and forth. Go around the entire lemon until you feel there is nothing left. IMPORTANT: Remember to place a bowl under the lemon to catch the juices.

Step 3: Once the lemon is dry of any juice – Give one final squeeze and you are done!

Tip: Don’t throw away the rind just yet, put it down your garbage disposal while running warm water!  The rind will help clean the blades and leave your sink drain smelling wonderful.

How To Juice Lemons or LimesHow to Juice Lemons or LimesHow to Juice Lemons or Limes
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