The Bosch Mixer Universal Plus is an incredible appliance that is worth investing in. We live in a world where Kitchen Aid Mixers are in almost every kitchen or everybody knows somebody who owns one. I want to share with you my 44 year experience with Bosch Mixers.

Bosch Universal Mixer Plus

Bosch has been in business for decades and I have personally been using them for over 44 years! It’s crazy to think about it, but I think my first actual memory of using a Bosch Mixer was when I was about 4 years old. It was my mom’s mixer, and by the time that I was 10 years old, I was a pro, or at least felt like I was! 😉

Decades later, I can still remember the untraditional Butterscotch Bars Recipe I was always making as a kid. Today, I still make that same recipe for my family often and I fondly think back to those days where I was taught to use such a great mixer.

Blonde Brownies

One thing that sets this mixer apart from all of the others is that the motor that operates it is under the machine. Most mixers have the attachments and motors on the top or have the motor to the side while the mixers come down from the top. Because of this design, the machine takes up much less space.

Bosch has an attachment that sits in the center of the bowl, like an agitator in a washing machine. The attachments sit on it and locking into place so they can do their job. And boy, do they do it well! It’s a bakers dream!

So Which Is Better? Bosch vs Kitchen Aid

If you’re wondering where to put your money, Bosch won’t let you down. It is lighter in weight, and more compact, making it great for constantly moving around the kitchen as needed, or for taking up minimal space.

The motor has a much higher power, which helps to cut down on time needed to beat egg whites, knead bread dough, or anything else that you may need to do. There is a lot of side by side videos of Bosch next to Kitchen Aid and Bosch gets the job done better and faster almost every time.

Another HUGE difference is the capacity limits.

How Many Cups Of Flour Can A Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Hold?

20 cups of loose flour can fit into this single appliance’s bowl and the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer can hold up to 22 cups worth of ingredients. This is significantly more than a Kitchen Aid, and because of the design of this mixer, it’s less messy to mix such a large batch. Believe me, I’ve tried. 

Bosch Mixer with Bread Dough

I love using the cookie paddles for those thick cookie dough recipes like my Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe! They taste just like the Mrs. Fields Cookies baked in the mall. Remember that smell of the freshly baked cookies? This recipe truly sends you back in time with the lovely smell and taste.

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

Speaking of chocolate chip cookies, there is one video circulating online of the Plus Mixer, where they whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough using a dozen eggs, 16 cups of flour, 12 cups of chocolate chips, and 6 cups of butter and sugar making the total capacity over 40 cups worth of ingredients! That’s a lot of cookies (480 to be exact) and if that isn’t mind blowing, I don’t know what is.

While you may never need to whip up a batch of 480 cookies in one sitting, there is definitely a great appeal to these appliances just by knowing that you could.

Cleaning Your Bosch Mixer

With the overall design of this mixer being different and unique, you would think that there would be some over-the-top cleaning instructions that put a huge damper on the fun, but it’s actually a fairly simple machine to clean!

The bowl of the Bosch mixer is top-rack dishwasher safe but the stainless steel attachments are not (you’ll need to hand wash those). Below the bowl, there is a little drive socket which is what connects the motor to the drive shaft (which holds the attachments) and it just needs a cotton swab here and there to remove food debris and built up liquids. 

Bosch Mixer

According to the care instructions, adding a cotton swab of vegetable oil to it once in a while can help to keep it lubricated and working well too.

The drive shaft is the long stick that you put the attachments on. Picture a food processor, this is essentially the same thing, it just looks a little differently. The only real care instructions for it is to hand wash any debris off of it and to not submerge it in water. Because it doesn’t come into direct contact with your food, there’s not much work to do here.

How Bosch Is Amazing For Minimalists

A Kitchen Aid has many attachments that can do everything from rolling out pasta to making ice cream, but a Bosch is 3 machines in one! With the properly added Bosch Mixer attachments, you can transform your Bosch Universal Plus Mixer into a blender and a food processor. Meaning that it is 3 machines in one, giving you more for your money, less space consumed in your kitchen and so many more options to choose from. 

Of course, there is also an ice cream maker attachment and other nifty things it can do too, the possibilities are endless.

My Official Bosch Kitchen Machine Review

I am one of those people that likes to leave my mixers on the counter because it always gets so much use. I have so many fond memories of using my Bosch Mixer that bring fuzzy feelings and smiles to my face.

It’s so handy having a single mixer that can do so many things. The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer is a workhorse with a powerful motor that handles 20 cups of flour (and believe me, I tried it too!)

I love having the blender on the right side on the main unit. Of course, there are plenty of other attachments too. I personally own several including the cookie and cake paddles, the ice cream maker, and everything in between. 

The great news is that you don’t need to purchase everything upfront and that all you really need is the Mixer. After you have that you can get an attachment here or there as you need it, but because Bosch makes quality products that last, you may find yourself drawn to them just so you can simply own them. Buying new attachments is addicting and fun. 

You will never need to worry about your machine being out dated either. The attachments are all universal. Nothing goes out of style. Bonus for sure!

Where Can I Find It

I’ve got you covered, Purchasing a Bosch Mixer direct from Bosch is my preferred method. Their customer service is wonderful and their website is easy to navigate. Click Shop for a Bosch to find the Universal Plus and many accessories.

While you could probably find your Bosh Mixer from Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, or Costco, the prices can be shockingly higher than you’d expect. The Bosch website sells the machines for about the same price (if not cheaper).

Of course, if you happen to stumble upon a used Bosh Mixer for sale at a garage or an estate sale, it’s definitely worth it! Although buying used may mean that you have to do without a physical instruction manual, you can find your Bosch Universal Mixer Manual online thanks to their website!

I Always Knew I Wanted My Own Bosch…

After growing up with this amazing mixer, I knew I had to have my own as an adult so before I even got married I started saving my pennies to buy one. I still think it was the BEST gift that I could give myself.

Here I am 28 years later of being married and I still can’t picture living without my Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. I truly love my Bosch, and cannot recommend it enough!

Favorite Recipes to make in my Bosch

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer
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