Today I am bringing you my review of the Mealthy MultiPot 2.0. It’s an electric pressure cooker from Mealthy, (a company that specializes in making kitchen appliances designed to help you eat healthier).

They have several different products on the market but the Mealthy Mutlipot 2.0 is a newer release and one worthy of this review. I’m excited to share it with you!

Mealthy Multipot 2.0

If you’ve ever bought anything from Mealthy than you already know about their amazing customer service. I’m not kidding, their customer service is top notch! They listen to their customer’s questions and address their concerns with a very fast response time. How often can you say that about a company?

Not only that, but they also have an active Facebook group where you can take your questions. The moderators running the Facebook group work for the company and are very knowledgeable.

You also have the assistance of all the other Mealthy customers in the group to help and share recipe ideas as well. Having this great group really adds to the overall value you get with being a Mealthy customer!

I always value and appreciate great customer service, especially one that I can get ahold of when I have questions. Being able to talk to actual people instead of some automated service recording is always a plus.

I love talking to people that are knowledgable about the products I’m asking about, it always helps to give me reassurance.

While Mealthy is a smaller brand, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because they’re smaller, they are able to devote more to their quality service and deliver it every time. 

FAQ’s About the MultiPot 2.0

Before I start giving my opinion about this appliance, I’m going to answer a few quick questions to help you get a better understanding of how it works and what comes with it. 

What accessories come with the MultiPot 2.0?

Something great about this appliance is that it comes with everything you need right out of the box. While you could purchase more pieces separately, being able to go from store to kitchen in such a short time is an awesome benefit. 

Here’s what you get in the box:

  • Silicone mitts
  • Ladle and rice paddle
  • Extra silicone sealing ring
  • Trivet with handles
  • Stainless steel steamer basket with handles

Make sure to check out my Mealthy MultiPot 2.0 Unboxing Video to see for yourself!

As I said, you get a great value for your money. These added accessories help to make the MuliPot 2.0 a much better value than competitors because those silicone rings are about $10 each and a basket is an easy $15-$20, but you get them both free inside your box!

What size is the Mealthy MultiPot 2.0?

Because the MultiPot is still pretty new to the market there isn’t much of a variety in the sizes yet as the MultiPot 2.0 9 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker only comes in the 6qt size. Maybe they’ll add some more diversity in the future, but a 6qt MultiPot is still big enough to get a lot of things done!

How Does the Push Button Pressure Release Work on the Mealthy MultiPot 2.0?

This is a dream come true button for so many people and it’s such an inventive design concept that I’m sure you can really appreciate!

This easy Pressure Release button allows you to set the pressure release when you set the cooking time and is perfect for those that are afraid of manually releasing the pressure.

With 3 different pressure release options, you can find the perfect pressure release needed for any recipe. There is even an option to bypass it with a quick press and hold of the pressure release button. You’ll never have to get too close to the pressure valve and hot steam!

Alright, so now that you have a better understanding of the ground breaking changes this MultiPot has brought to the Pressure Cooking world and how it differs from all of the competitors on the market, it’s not hard to see why I chose to write this review.

Mealty MultiPot 2.0

Mealthy CrispLid

If you have followed me at all, then you already know that I love the brand Mealthy. 

I was introduced to Mealthy with their CrispLid that turn’s any 6 or 8 qt pressure cooker into an air fryer. This has been one of the coolest gadgets I ever stumbled upon and from that moment I was hooked on Mealthy.

Check out my written Mealthy CrispLid Review

If you want to convert your pressure cooker into an air fryer, then you should definitely check out the CrispLid because it’s incredible and ah-maz-ing!  

So of course after being hooked on one of their products already, it only seemed natural to want to try and test out their MultiPot and the MultiPot 2.0.

A great marketing scheme I might add, they get you hooked on something unique and amazing only to bring out another product that sounds even better than the last. 

I can only wonder how they top this with their next product launch.

My Thoughts About the MultiPot 2.0

The MultiPot 2.0 has some great new features with the Pressure Release button and for those who might be afraid to release the pressure manually, this is a game changer.

When you set the time for Pressure Cook, you also can set the Pressure Release by choosing one of 3 options, (Quick, Auto, or Natural).

When a Quick release is chosen, after the Pressure Cook time is finished the MultiPot 2.0 will beep and then the pressure will automatically be released in short burst segments until the pressure valve pin drops to safely open the lid.

There is of course a Pressure Release Button you can always use to by pass the setting and release the pressure with a touch of a button. This new feature is super cool, especially for those who might be timid in opening the pressure valve themselves.

Choosing a pressure cooker

With there being so many electric pressure cookers on the market, and all being quite similar with their buttons, functions, and capabilities, it’s important to figure out what you want most. When you decide to purchase a pressure cooker, you should get the model that has the functions you want. 

Personally, I cannot live without the yogurt function on my pressure cookers. I love to make homemade yogurt and do so often but the yogurt function on a pressure cooker also doubles as a great way to proof yeast dough.

It’s a genius little life hack that helps to cut the proofing time of the dough in half! Also, thanks to this little trick, my homemade cinnamon rolls recipe has reached over a million viewers because of this simple little time hack! It’s truly a game/life changer!

So many pressure cookers offer a yogurt feature, including Mealthy’s MultiPot 2.0, so what sets it apart from the rest? Well, that has to be their new button for the pressure release.

Mealthy MultiPot 2.0

Why the Pressure Release button is different

This button is really cool and very handy. Especially for those new to using pressure cookers and that are afraid of their steam valve (a common fear for many).

It’s really easy to forget to manually release the pressure after doing a natural release. With shorter-cook-time recipes like pasta, it’s so easy to go from raw noodles to mush if you don’t watch that clock. Other recipes can also turn to mush too, causing you to feel like dinner is wasted or ruined. 

With the pressure release button, you can set the pressure release which means you can get dinner cooking and forget all about it. 

  • This makes dinner less stressful because you don’t have to keep an eye on the clock. 
  • It makes dinner easier on a busy or hectic night because you don’t have to keep returning to the kitchen to adjust the pressure.
  • And it means your recipe can come out perfectly every time, with less effort!

Trust me, you will remember once that pressure goes off and dinner will be ready to eat!

So if this MultiPot 2.0 sounds like something you’d enjoy or the Mealthy brand sounds like something you want to be a part of too, then check out their incredible products here . Don’t forget to use code DEVOURDINNER at checkout for $10 off your approved order!

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