As an avid Instant Pot / Pressure Cooker Fan it only seemed natural when I first heard about the Mealthy CrispLid that I HAD to have one!

Mealthy CrispLid Air Fryer

Products discussed in this post were given to me from Mealthy to test and try out so I could share my experiences with you, my viewers. My opinions and experiences are all my own. Affiliate Links may be included

Let me explain. I was attending a Conference with other Digital Influencers, Mealthy was a sponsor and had their products at a booth with a number of members from their team. I was introduced to them and quickly shown the CrispLid. My response was…

“SHUT UP! I NEED ONE NOW!” It didn’t matter the price, I pulled my credit card out and said “CHARGE IT!” Sadly, they weren’t for sale. It was a product demo and I was drooling over it. Surely with this kind of excitement I would win the one they were giving away, right?

I’ll save you the wonderment. I didn’t win. I sadly returned home only to talk about this new product. So let’s talk about. Ready?

CrispLid by Mealthy

What is the CrispLid by Mealthy?

The CrispLid is an accessory that will fit any 6qt or 8qt Instant Pot / Pressure Cooker. Any Brand. It’s universal. The CrispLid sits on top in place of the Pressure Cooker Lid and turns the pressure cooker into an Air Fryer. (mind blown)

Can you Pressure Cook AND Air Fry at the same time?

The answer is NO. That is not possible. In fact, you should not even have your pressure cooker plugged in when you are using the CrispLid. There is no need to. You also do not have to have any thin liquid inside your pot when Air Frying.

What can you cook using the CrispLid?

The possibilities are endless. The easy answer is everything from French Fries, vegetables, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, to Chicken, Steak and Fish.

The Basket seems shallow, are there different basket options?

The basket that comes with the CrispLid is about 2 inches deep. Recently Mealthy came out with a deeper basket to hold more food items. It can be purchased separately off their site.

What does the CrispLid come with?

The CrispLid comes with a number of accessories so you are ready to go right out of the box. It comes with a medium height trivet and a basket. Along with Silicone Tipped Tongs and a Silicone heat pad to place the hot CrispLid on after your food is cooked.

CrispLid Accessories

How to use Settings on the CrispLid

On the top you have an option to set the temperature and the time. Press the Temperature button and then the +/- keys to adjust the settings. The > on the bottom will start the cooking process and the square will stop the process. A Safety feature is built into the handle. The CrispLid will not start if the handle is not fully in the place in it’s lowered position. Moving the handle up will stop the cook process.

Do you have an Affiliate Link?

Of course I do, and I so appreciate when you use my custom link for any Mealthy Appliance. But I can do you one better. Use my Coupon Code to save you $10 off your purchase. Code: DEVOURDINNER

How do you clean the CrispLid?

This question is one I am asked often. I use a damp cloth to wipe the top and sides clean. The underside is a little bit trickier but still easy enough. With a damp sponge I use soapy water and ring out. Then use the sponge to clean the inner glass and metal ring. I do not pour any water into the fan unit as that would damage the product. And then air dry.

Can I see you use the CripLid?

That’s a great question, of course you can. I often use my CrispLid when I so My Facebook LIVE video’s, so there are plenty of resources to offer you. I’ve loaded up some of my favorites below.

Now that we’ve chatted and answered some of the most anticipated questions, there has to be more, right? Let’s talk about how I use the CrispLid, what I think of it and what to I cook most often?

The CrispLid for me is the perfect accessory. It’s small, about the size of a normal pressure cooker lid so it’s really not taking up space in my cupboard. In fact, it lives on my counter because we use it that much!

Why is the CrispLid the PERFECT Accessory?

I’ve mentioned it’s small in size. But using the CrispLid in conjunction with my Pressure Cooker is genius. I can cook my Chicken Divan recipe in my Pressure Cooker, and then when I add bread crumbs or cheese to the top, I can quickly Crisp it up! No heating of the oven or making a bigger mess. I just unplug my Pressure Cooker, remove the Pressure Cooker Lid and Place the CrispLid on top. That is why it’s PERFECT for me!

CrispLid by Mealthy

What do I think of the CrispLid?

Well, I LOVE it. I truly do. Not a day goes by where it’s not in use in some way to help aid in making dinner. I cook Chicken and Beef in it regularly and throw on salads or in quesadillas. I also make French Fries, Mozarella Sticks, Pizza Pockets, Pizza Rolls, and my favorite… Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

You can argue that all of those items are simple enough. And you are right. But when was the last time you made a grilled cheese on the stove and walked away? It burned didn’t it? Well, in the CrispLid it cooks 3 minutes per side and during those 3 minutes it’s a race to start a load of wash and load the dishwasher. Multitasking at it’s best!

Air Fryer Steak Bites

What do I cook most often?

Well, I’ve all ready mentioned a number of items. But let’s not forget how I love to cook carrots, broccoli and cauliflower using the CripsLid too. My husband likes to make homemade french fries with freshly dug potatoes. He also likes to reheat items like Pizza. Really the possibilities are endless.

Can you feed your entire family in one batch?

Well, that is a loaded question. If I’m making Chicken Divan, then yes. My casserole is made and cooked. I’m only using the CrispLi to crisp the top. But if I’m cooking French Fries, then one batch full is not enough to feed my boys and we end up doing multiple batches. Same with Chicken or steak. The basket won’t hold enough to cook enough at once. However, it doesn’t bother me with the way I prepare and cook. I don’t feel the intent of the CrispLid is bulk, like you would approach an Air Fryer that sits on your counter.

Air Fryer CrispLid Steak Bites

Do I recommend the CrispLid?

Yes, of course I do. I not only recommend this appliance but I’ve sold dozens to friends, family and viewers like you. They have all been so well received because of reviews like this one. So make sure you get your questions answered and your expectations are set and you won’t be disappointed.

I want one! How do I purchase one?

Well, you are in luck. I can certainly help you with my custom link from Mealthy. I will receive a small portion of the sale. So thank you! Also, use my discount code to receive $10 off. Code: DEVOURDINNER

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