Whenever there is a change in routine it’s wise to be Mindful of your Mental Health.  So it’s natural to assume if the stressors raise, your mental health can suffer. 

How do you keep your Mental Health Strong during Hard Times?

If you have been following for any length of time then you know how important Mental Health is to me and being Mindful about taking care of yourself.  It’s a daily battle to be mindful of your mental health.

Make sure to take a look about my post “What is Mindfulness?” it’s a great resource of where to start with being mindful.

Unfortunately in the midst of change it’s easy to forget about mental health.  So I’ve put together some great ideas and tips to be mindful and hopefully your stress levels can be balanced and in a more healthy place.

Coping with Stress_Being Mindful

7 Steps to Being Mindful

1.      Breathe

I’ve loved 4 square breathing.  It’s something I practice daily so that when I find myself in a stressful situation my reflex goes into play and helps me relax.

  • Take a deep breath through your nose for the count of 4
  • Hold your breath for 4 counts
  • Release the breath through your mouth to the count of 4
  • Hold your breath for 4 counts
  • Repeat 3-4 times.

2.     Remove yourself from information

Social Media or News overload only adds stress.  Don’t allow yourself or your emotions to ride the roller coaster because of constant overload. 

Limit your access to news sources or Social Media to once a day.  Stay informed but not overloaded

3.     Think of Others

It’s easy to be self-absorbed, but take the time to think of others and serve them in the best and safest way possible.  A phone call to a friend can do wonders for your mental health and theirs.  There are many ways to help your friends and neighbors during a time of crisis.

Mindful Needs

4.     What are your needs?

Ask yourself the question each and every day “What do I need today?” make sure your needs are met. 

Maybe you need something as simple as a quiet space for your brain to quiet and your body to relax.  Don’t forget the simplicity of sleep and how important it is to get good restful sleep as part of your mental health.

5.     List your fears

It’s okay to have fears.  Make a list of your fears.  You just might find that some of your fears are easily solved. 

6.     Don’t get frustrated with yourself

There is a lot going on in the world right now and it’s changing by the minute.  It’s easy to have a heightened sense of anxiety of the unknown. 

Remember to breathe.  Take a step back and remove yourself from all the stimulation of the news and social media.  Do something for yourself to ground yourself.

7.     Don’t Panic

In the midst of a panic attack stop, take a deep breath and listen to your senses:

  • Look for one thing you can SEE?
  • What is one thing you can SMELL?
  • TOUCH, What is one thing you can TOUCH?
  • What is one thing you can TASTE?
  • Take a deep breath

Finding Success in being Mindful

I’m confident that you can be successful in taking care of your mental health if you don’t get caught up in the roller coaster going on around you and are mindful of your mental health. 

By following a few easy steps you can learn to balance your emotions and not allow the circumstances around you to control your emotions.

Healthy Living is great practice

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