What is a Water Challenge? Getting healthy in the New Year and drinking water seem to go hand in hand. Let’s start a challenge that YOU can be successful at and I bet you will see some incredible results too.

So let me tell you why I love the challenge of drinking water consistently to stay hydrated.

Water Challenge

I’m a water drinking, a cold water drinker. So drinking 64oz of water a day isn’t hard for me, however I know it can be a challenge if you don’t plan for it.

You may have heard it called a Gallon of water a day for 30 Days but rest assured that 64 oz is a half gallon which seems so much more reasonable, doesn’t it? That’s 8 glasses of water (8oz) in a day.

The benefits of drinking water consistently for me are so worth it. Which is why I can’t wait to tell you about it.

I am so excited for the 30 Day Water Challenge! Why? Well, because I always feel so much better when my body is properly hydrated. I sleep better, I wake up better, my skin looks and feels better too.

And gathering a bunch of people who are like minded and want to do this together, just makes the Water Challenge Fun!

Water Fun Fact:

The Human Body is about 60% water, crazy right? Well it’s true. It’s so important to stay hydrated and keep your organs and skin healthy.

Besides just being good for you, drinking water consistently also helps promote weight loss.

That is a bonus I want! And did you know that keeping your body hydrated can also clear acne? It does!

Water Challenge

What is a 30-Day Water Challenge?

The rules or guidelines vary, but the basics stay the same. Drink 64oz of water every day for 30 days. The amounts of water is important to remember. That’s 8 glasses of water (8oz) each during the day.

It’s very important to consult with your physician before starting any new diet or exercise program.

Why Water?

Water is the free! It doesn’t have any calories and it hydrates the body perfectly.

Water helps flush toxins from the body, promotes weight loss and boosts the immune system.

We know why water is good to stay hydrated, but even the best water drinking can struggle with this challenge.

Why? Well, water can taste really boring!

I find that If I drink 8-10 ounces right when I get out of bed, it gets my body going and functioning and I find within 30 minutes I can drink another 8-10 ounces.

I then keep a schedule that every time I go to the bathroom, I drink 10 ounces of water.

In no time I have 64 ounces drank for the day and I can back off. I don’t want to be going to the bathroom all night now do I.

What happens if I drink a gallon of water a day?

Drinking upwards of a gallon of water a day may work for some people but could be harmful to others.

Drinking too much water too fast can cause sodium levels in your blood to drop too low, causing a dangerous condition called hyponatremia.

Drinking more isn’t always better.

Can drinking water help you lose belly fat?

Water can be extremely helpful in weight-loss.

Water has no calories, helps you burn more calories and can even suppress your appetite if you drink a glass before a meal.

If you replace sugary drinks with water, the benefits increase. Drinking water is an easy to way to cut back on sugar and calories.

Free Printable Tracking Sheet

In this day of technology there are of course some great apps to keep track of your water intake. BUT, for those of you who like to mark things off on a chart, I’ve got a FREE Printable for you of the 30 Day Water Challenge water reminder just for you!

Water Challenge

Water Bottles

I like to believe that if we all do a little, it adds up to a lot! So although it’s super handy to buy water in plastic bottles.

Make the decision to fill up your water bottle and take it with you when you go to work, exercise, or around the house.

Water Bottle

There are some GREAT Water Bottles on the market, you really can never have enough water bottles. This simple change in Going Green really helps our planet.

Why is staying Hydrated Important?

Your body is made up of 60% water, water is in all your cells, organs and tissues and helps regulate body temperature and maintain other bodily functions.

Did you know you lose water through breathing, sweating and digestion?

Well you do! That’s why it’s so important to rehydrate by drinking water and eating foods that contain water.

So take the advice of Health Professionals and make sure to stay hydrated, always consult with your physician for what’s best for you and remember that too much of a good thing can be bad and harmful for you. Moderation is key.

More Healthy Living Guides with Free Printables too

Good Luck on your 30 day Water Challenge Journey! I know if you stick with it, you will find huge success. For me I find that I sleep so much better and wake up refreshed for the day ahead. That alone is reason for me to stick with this water challenge month after month.

Devour Dinner does not make any claims or guarantees for health or a healthy lifestyle. Nor will Devour Dinner be held accountable for the choices of those who wish to participate. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise routine or change of diet. Please consult a dietitian for dietary needs.

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