I want to introduce you to a relatively new product, the Ergo Spout, on the market that is going to change your lives. Well, at least somewhat change them-for the better.

Ergo Spout

We all know that mason jars are great for storing sauces, gravies, and other liquids, right? The nicely sealed top keeps it fresh and it takes up minimal space in the fridge. Until now you’ve had to either pour stuff out of the mason jar or use a spoon to delicately scoop it out.

Introducing the Ergo Spout. It transforms your mason jar into a pourable spout for anything like juices, syrups, gravy, and more. This also makes it more kid friendly for the ones that want to “do it themselves” and the parent that doesn’t want to intrude on their independence (or have a mess to clean up). 

In case you were wondering, the Ergo spout is pretty great at keeping things clean. There is a little gasket ring to make sure that the liquid stays put without leaking and it’s also dishwasher friendly too, so feel free to toss it in between uses.

Ergo Spout

Fun fact, this product actually started as a kick starter that was funded almost immediately (talk about high demand!) Something cool about it is that it comes in a variety of colors, so you can designate different colors for different things- yay labeling and organization!

I personally have the white and red Ergo Spouts and I just LOVE how they fit on my standard sized mason jars! 

How do I use the Ergo Spout?

My favorite way to use my Ergo spout is to hold my salad dressing in mason jars. But to be completely honest, I also love to use mason jars on my blender to mix egg bites and then using the Ergo Spout I can pour them into an Egg Bite Mold-mess free!

What Size Jar does the Ergo Spout Fit?

Currently, the Ergo Spout is only made to fit standard size jars. That being said, it’s been rumored that they will be making an Ergo Spout for Wide Mouth Jars in the future!

Will the Ergo Spout fit on Pint to 1/2 Gallon Jars?

Yes! Standard Size Jars have the same opening. It does not matter how large the jar is overall, if the opening is the same then the Ergo Spout will fit it!

Ergo Spout

Will Gravy pour from the Ergo Spout?

Yes, Gravy pours very well. And the added bonus is that when you’re done with your meal you don’t have to clean anything up. The gravy is all contained inside of the jar for easy storage in the refrigerator. Move grandmas ceramic gravy dish over and put this bad boy on the table this Thanksgiving! 😉

I have absolutely loved using the Ergo Spout and would definitely recommend it to everybody. As an affiliate of the product, I can offer you a Discount Code for 10% off your order to help you to save money so you can try this easy pour spout for yourself. Use my special code DEVOURDINNER at checkout on the Culinesco Website!

The Ergo Spout is owned and operated by its creator. She is both passionate about her line of products and her brand. I LOVE the passion you can feel with this company. You really can’t go wrong with the Ergo Spout!

See the Ergo Spout in Action

This is a personal review and is not paid or sponsored by Culinesco. I do however receive a small commission if you choose to purchase an Ergo Spout

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