This Review for Texas Roadhouse Resturant is done on my own free will.  All opinions are my own.  I was not paid for my comments.

It’s fair to say that I LOVE Texas Roadhouse Resturant. I’ve tried most everything on their menu and of course I have favorites but regardless of what I prefer, everything is legendary.

If you aren’t familiar with a Texas Roadhouse Resturant, it’s a loud energetic atmosphere with peanuts on the tables and peanut shells on the floor. The Bar area hosts multiple TV Screens playing current Sport games and lots of great country music playing in the back ground.

The servers are knowledgeable, fun, and engaging and do their best to make your experience the best it can be.

When we want to go out to eat, we get to travel 25+ miles to a restaurant.  Okay, to be fair there are restaurants in our town.  We even have one large chain restaurant in our town and there are a few hidden gems of places to eat too. 

But I’ll showcase them another time.  For the most part, we travel 25+ miles to a larger community where shopping is more abundant and food options are greater.  So tonight we choose to go to Texas Roadhouse.

Texas Roadhouse is a steak house, the kind where peanut shells are on the floor, music is loud, and the TV’s in the bar are playing sporting events.  It’s a yee-haw celebration if you announce your Birthday too. 

You have to want to be in this environment for a meal, or the atmosphere alone will likely drive you a little crazy.  But, don’t let that stop you, the food is Legendary just like Texas Roadhouse claims.

Texas Roadhouse Call Ahead

Texas Roadhouse has a great feature, it’s called “Call Ahead Seating”, you can either call your local Texas Roadhouse or download the Texas Roadhouse app.  Either way, it works the same, 

For us, it’s perfect because we drive 25+ miles, so when we leave town, we log into the app and get our name on the list.  This helps to save our spot and greatly reduces our wait once we arrive.  It’s WONDERFUL especially on busy Friday and Saturday evenings.  So don’t go without doing this great feature.

Once you are seated you will be offered some fresh baked bread.  It’s included in your meal, so enjoy.  Make sure to ask your server for more if you run out, they will be quick to refill for you. 

I’m a sucker for the Cactus Blossom., one of my favorite appetizers.  A deep fried battered onion with dipping sauce.  Oh how I love it.  I crave it.  If you haven’t ever tried one.  Just do it!  It’s beyond worth it.

Texas Roadhouse Appetizer

Another favorite Appetizer are the Loaded Steak Fries.  Big thick fat fries, loaded with cheese and bacon.  Everything is better with bacon so why not fries, right?  Well they are delish. 

You can also get these loaded fries as a “side” with your meal.  So if you don’t want a large plate for the table, just order them as a side to your entree.  Most entrees come with 2 made from scratch sides.

Speaking of entrees and sides, I love the Caesar Salad’s as a side, although my husband prefers the House Salad which is loaded and even has a hard boiled egg slices.  You really can’t go wrong when choosing a side salad with your meal.

Texas Roadhouse Entree

Mmmm mmmm… Where do I even begin when it comes to Entree’s?  Well, my long time favorite has to be the Fall off the Bone Ribs.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to my food, and I won’t bite meat off the bone.  So for me to eat ribs, the meat has to fall right off, or forget it. 

Honestly, Texas Roadhouse is about the only place I’ll even order Ribs because I know they will be perfect every time.

My husband loves the Kabobs.  Oooooo Yum!  Whatever the kabob sauce is, well…it’s a little slice of YUM! You can’t go wrong with this dish.  Really, it’s that good!  And you can ask for the Kabob Sauce to be cooked over your Chicken Breast too.  It’s off the menu, so you have to know to ask.  But WOW!  YUMMY!

My son is a sucker for Pulled Pork.  At Texas Roadhouse, the pulled Pork has been marinating ini BBQ Sauce and is packed full of flavor.  He leaves happy and full.

Quick Tips

The Flavored Lemonades are wonderful.  They are bottomless and you can switch up your flavors all throughout your meal.

Final Review

As we love Texas Roadhouse, we tend to go at least once a month.  You can see from the video we tried other menu items and loved them of course.  Regardless what you try, you will love it.  Our experience is more than just great food. 

We appreciate the friendly servers too.  They seem to take the time to really serve you and make your day a little brighter.  It takes a great team to pull off serving so many hungry guests night after night and we appreciate everyone who makes it happen so effortlessly. 

Take the time to go to your local Texas Roadhouse or top by one when you travel.  It won’t disappoint.  And if you happen to be in Eastern Idaho, then don’t hesitate to stop into the Idaho Falls Texas Roadhouse.

You can find a location near you by searching here

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