Handcrafted Maple, Hickory and Walnut Cutting Board #8


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Cutting Boards READY TO SHIP!!!  Made in the USA —

Handcrafted Maple, Walnut, and Hickory hardwood cutting board. Finished with food-grade mineral oil.

Size: Approx 3/4″ thickness, 8 1/2″ W x 12 1/4″ L

Handcrafted in Idaho.

A stunning and gorgeous cutting board with natural tones and wood grain.  Each cutting board is unique, one of a kind.  Tones and color are natural to the woods used.  

As a disclaimer, we must emphasize the fact that no piece of wood is exactly the same. There may be slight variations in the color of the wood.  As is.           

Hardwood cutting boardHardwood cutting board      

No returns or exchanges

But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.


To keep your Cutting Board looking Great, please follow these simple care and cleaning instructions.


  • Wipe Cutting Board surface with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly after each use.
  • Apply a coat of food grade mineral oil to all cutting board surfaces regularly
  • Store Cutting Boards in a dry well ventilated area when not in use
  • Keep these care and cleaning instructions for reference


  • DO NOT Clean Cutting Board in Dishwasher
  • DO NOT immerse Cutting Board in water
  • DO NOT use Cutting Board in Microwave Oven


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