It’s a NEW Year with new goals. And I want to lose some weight. So I created a FREE 21 Day Healthy Challenge.

I’ve got all the details below to get you pumped up and excited, because let me tell you. This is going to be epic.

What is a 21 Day Healthy Challenge?

The FREE 21 Day Healthy Living Challenge began in January and it’s so popular we are doing it again. The program consists of of a challenge to eat better, exercise more, and pamper our mental health.

This is not a specific diet program. We want you to choose a healthier way of eating and if that means going Keto, or joining Weight Watchers, or just living right then you are perfect!

I will be sending out low carb, low sugar recipes that you can make and eat right along with me if you like.

A Private Facebook Group will serve as a community where questions can be asked, and we can cheer on your success.

Cost is FREE! Join the Email list and join at your own pace anytime!

(Prizes mentioned were specifically for the January 2020 Challenge)

Weekly Weigh-ins & Measurements

Just for fun and those who want to participate we will report weekly weight. This can be as simple as “I lost 1 pound”. You don’t need to reveal your actual weight.

We will also take weekly measurements, I’ll show you how. It’s easy and a fun way to see your progress.


They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. So this challenge is 21 days to get you the foundation you need for an awesome 2020. Join the exclusive Facebook Group to share your goals, weigh-ins, and updates.

This is a community where we can cheer on those successes and help pick each other up when we start to slide.

The question is, ARE YOU WITH ME?



Let’s get moving! What is your level of exercise? That’s all I’m asking for. Get up and move and be consistent. My level is not at much as someone else and that is okay! Tips and tricks to keep exercise easy and fun.

Mental Health

Mental Health

In this day and age it’s super important to recognize that our mental health is important and being mindful and taking care of ourselves is super important. I’ll include some articles about being mindful and to remember to take care of YOU!

How to Join!

  • Add your name and email to the sign up form below and confirm your request.
  • This challenge is self paced and starts anytime you are ready!
  • Watch your e-mail for information on how to join the Private Facebook Group

What does this include?

  • Facebook Private Group and a cheering section of new friends
  • Workout Challenges
  • Nutrition Challenges
  • Mindfulness Challenges
  • Quick and Easy Recipes
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Cost ~ FREE
Join Now

Devour Dinner does not make any claims or guarantees for health or a healthy lifestyle. Nor will Devour Dinner be held accountable for the choices of those who wish to participate. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise routine or change of diet. Please consult a dietitian for dietary needs.

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