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I love the social aspect that surrounds food and I’ve always found the best memories are made in these moments.  My focus behind my blog are my boys.  I am completely out numbered and I love it!  I wanted them to someday leave home and be able to create the meals that brought the most memories to them.  And that is where Devour Dinner was created.  A recipe eBook for them to take with them when they left home for college.  It has grown into so much more as my kitchen bar has always been open for anyone who wants to come and sit.  Memories truly are made in the kitchen.

As a professional, I am always looking for ways to create fabulous content and add to my Recipe and Travel posts.  I am excited to offer my services to you and would welcome the collaboration on your upcoming project.  With a degree in Communication and focus in Visual Media I bring an abundance of skills to the table from photography to design and content writing.  Above all, I put 100% into all my work and deliver quality projects in a timely manner to all of my clients.  I’ve also been recognized by the Master Professionals of Adobe Photoshop with a coveted Guru Award in Photo Editing.  I love working behind my Mac and I promise I will put the same quality and effort into your next project.

My website is a collective effort of my work and portfolio from photography to web design, content and digital designs. I really do it all.  The added bonus of blogging my crazy adventures is just icing on the cake.  I love to eat out and experience new flavors and cultures, I love to travel and see the history and culture of the world, and I love doing all this with those I love.  The joy of life is experiencing every crazy moment from the simple daily routines around the dinner table to experiencing the world we live in.

I am interested in anything and everything, no project is out of the scope of possibilities.  Let’s discuss and see if I am a fit for you.

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