Our Favorite Tools & Gadgets

We aren’t into a whole lot of fancy gadgets or expensive kitchen things. We’re simple! And we make the most of what have by using them for more than just one task.


Slow Cooker

Amazon – $60

We just love this programmable slow cooker. Being able to set it and walk away is certainly the selling point for us. We have far too much to worry about during the day besides how dinner is cooking.

NonStick Frying Pan

Amazon – $6

Getting a good quality nonstick pan will make all the difference when it comes to not burning your food.

Cookie Sheet

Amazon – $20

Don’t buy cheap, thin, cookie sheets. Spending some money on nice cookie sheets really makes a difference in how well your food cooks.

Silicone Cookie Sheet Liners

Amazon – $20

These work so well that it makes baking and clean up a breeze! Anything that you put on a cookie sheet you can put on these!

Mini Muffin Tin

Amazon – $12

Regular muffins are traditional, why not try them in mini!!

Muffin Tins - Regular size

Amazon – $16

It’s always easiest to have 2 of these muffin pans. Makes making muffins a breeze.

Veggi Grilling Basket

Amazon – $15

Love this basket to grill veggies or pork medallions.

Bunt Pan

Amazon – $16

The presentation alone is reason to own this pan.

Kitchen Knives

Chefs Knife

Amazon – $45
Arguably the most popular knife in any kitchen. The versatility of this straight edge blade is the go-to knife from professional chefs to home cooks.
Paring Knife

Amazon – $9
What the chef’s knife can’t do, this will finish. The smaller blade allows for great flexibility and detailed cuts. Buy this in either a straight edge, or serrated edge blade.
Straight Boning Knife

Amazon – $23


This is my go to knife. Always sharp, always ready for anything!

Flex Boning Knife

Amazon – $21


This blade is designed to bend and flex so that you can work around bones and cut off as much meat as possible.

Bread Knife

Amazon – $19


Best Bread Knife Ever!

Steak Knives

Amazon – $35


Steaks will cut like butter with these knives.

Ceramic Knives

Amazon – $25
The sharpness and quality of knives really make a BIG difference. So let’s cut to the chase. Ceramic knives are affordable, but very sharp. They are a great start to having a nice set of knives in your kitchen.
Knife Block

Amazon – $30
Protect your knives and keep them sharp by storing them in a knife block or a knife tray for the drawer.

Knife Sharpener

Amazon – $15
This is probably the easiest way to sharpen your own knifes. You can use a honing steel too. Don’t use on serrated edges, you’ll damage them.


Silicone Spatulas

Amazon – $10



These really are a must-have for scrapping anything out of anything. A regular ole spoon might get you by, but these truly need to be in every kitchen.

Mini Spatulas - Stainless

Amazon – $14



Little things require little spatulas. Some would almost say they would die without this in their kitchen arsenal.

Flexible Cutting Boards

Amazon – $10



We love these because of how carefree we get to be. And they don’t take up a lot of room either!

Egg Slicer

Amazon – $9



This is an egg slicer – but it’s also been a strawberry slicer, an olive slicer, a banana slicer, and more. With all the slicing to be done, you don’t want to buy just a cheap ole slicer. Spending just a little bit of money will go along ways.

Measuring Cups

Amazon – $12



This is a great starter set because it comes with every size. There are nicer sets out there, but you’ll still be measure the same amount.

Cutting Board 18x14

Amazon – $25


This large size cutting board is wonderful when cutting lots of produce or working with raw meat.

Mini Cookie Scoop

Amazon – $13


Making perfect sized cookies everytime!

Handy Gadgets

Salad Shooter

Amazon – $50

This is pretty much on the “Must Have” list in our books. We use this more than standard food processors we’ve tried. It’s perfect!

Digital Cooking Thermometer

Amazon – $15

For health safety reasons – checking the temperature on food, especially large chunks of meat, will keep you from biting into something you had wished you waited for.

iPad/Tablet Stand

Amazon – $8

So many people are cooking with their iPads or tablets – why not get a classy stand?

Crepe Maker

Amazon – $34

Who says you can’t make the perfect crepes at home?!?! Now you can, easy to use and perfect everytime.


Pyrex Glass Containers

Amazon – $15

There are a lot of containers you could buy. However, when it comes to keeping food fresh and to keep you coming back for left overs – get something worth saving your food in.

Mixing Bowl Set

Amazon – $9

We believe a mixing bowl, is a mixing bowl. We just happen to be in love with these ones. You can hang onto one side and pour out of the other!

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Amazon – $25

Do you prefer stainless bowls? Sometimes we do too! These varying sizes are perfect for all your mixing needs.

Storage Containers

Amazon – $35

These storage containers stack up nicely. You will never need to look for that one missing lid again because Rubbermaid has figured it out! Bowls use the same size lids.

Favorite Apps

Anylist App

Create lists for all your stores. Store recipes, add ingredients to your shopping lists. Share your lists and recipes with family and friends. It’s really the best mobile app we’ve found!”

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