Kids Korner

These Pint Size Peanuts can learn and grow cooking in the kitchen.

Why not start the kids early in the kitchen.  There is so much they can do, and repetition is the best way.  Besides they just might eat more than you think when they make it themselves.  Kids Korner is an area for kids, made by kids, written by kids, and photographed by kids.  These little pint sized peanuts pack a big punch.  Although they may enjoy yogurt with granola on occasion their little taste buds have so much more in mind.  The combinations may seem random as they learn through their own curiosity with abundant giggles and smiles and they express themselves in the kitchen.  Who knows, you may just realize that soon your little ones will be attempting meals using the Base Ingredients you prepared for them.

Meatball Cups

Meatball Cups Meatball Cups are a simple quick snack that are easy enough even the littles can make.  When I'm in the kitchen, my children always seem to follow.  I love to give them opportunities to find success so creating recipes that are easy for their...

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs

I love easy desserts that make people go WOW!  Strawberry Brownie Kabobs are just that.  These quick and easy desserts are simple enough to have the littles help make them too.  I also love a recipe that can include the littles.  It's fun to get them into...

Corn Dog Cups

Corn Dog Cups Corn Dog Cups are simple to make and I like to eat them for an after school snack or just on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  Using a Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix makes this recipe so easy.  In a bowl I combine...

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