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How to Use Devour Dinner

Start with Step 1. Every recipe has a base ingredient and depending on what you choose will determine what you can make with that single, base ingredient. Let’s get started! What type of meat do you want to have or what type of meat would you like to cook with:


From here you are given a variety of options of what to make with your base ingredient.  Just choose your meat that you have or want to use and the list will be there ready for you.

Step 2. The side-dish. Certain foods taste great together. With each main dish, you’ll find suggestions of what side-dish goes along with it. Some side-dish recipes make for great appetizers or if you just need to bring a little something for the neighborhood potluck.


Last, but not the least – Step 3. Tasty Desserts! Now that we know what we are making for dinner, and the side-dish that will go with it, let’s sweeten things up just a little. These dessert recipes are intended to be easy to make with very little involved. Just what we need on those busy nights that require comfort food. Some desserts do taste really good with some food and we’ve made those suggestions for you. Otherwise, we say, “Make your sweet tooth happy!”


The Purpose

We have all found ourselves standing in the pantry, staring, glancing back and forth. There’s food, but nothing to eat. We head for the fridge hoping for better inspiration. Nothing. Back to the pantry. Sigh of defeat. Reach for the box of Mac N’ Cheese.

No longer will you need to wander the kitchen aimlessly trying to think of how to put food together and feel good about calling it dinner. The biggest hurdle we have found is having the base ingredient ready to go. Making dinner suddenly seems less of a burden when you know that you have a bag of frozen cubed chicken or shredded pork all ready to go. Instead of asking the fridge, “What’s for dinner?” – you’ll be set and ready to make a handful of meals any night of the week.

While the main course might be all you’ll need to be satisfied, a side-dish can always be a welcomed addition. However, much like our familiar dilemma in the pantry – shrugging our shoulders while mumbling, “I don’t know what to make with that!” Will be a thing of the past. We’ve made specific suggestions of side-dishes that taste nothing short of amazing to go along with what you’ve made for dinner.

And then we have dessert to tie it all off. But let’s be real with each other for just a moment – any effort at making dessert more often than not comes when you have guests over for dinner. Whether you’re set to impress or simply offset the small portions at dinner – we have surprisingly easy, yet stunningly impressive, dessert recipes that are sure to get the compliments rolling.

Just start with the base ingredient. We’ve figured the rest out for you. Happy Cooking!

The Beginnings

Want to know what happens when you combine a fantastic home cook with a passion for design? Another food blog. Well – Devour Dinner to be exact.

Now would be a great place to say, “it’s history.” However, my story has just begun and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you all that they have been working on for the past year.

While attending school on the frozen tundra in Eastern Idaho, I was challenged by so many of my “cute kids” aka classmates to make something for them to keep long after they left college. I love to cook, bake, and grill and was constantly bringing new recipes to group meetings, excursions, and anytime I was out with “the gang”. I was specifically challenged by my good friend and mentor Dustin Olsen who challenged me to something bigger. Dustin pushed me through many challenging assignments to push the limit and learn more. He forced me to build, grow and develop in so many areas. Often times we have been teamed up both inside and outside of the classroom and we work well with one another. Needless to say, I took his challenge and built upon what I was all ready creating. A website to go along with my eBook which would build more of the foundations of cooking and what to do in a kitchen with a step by step guide helping every step of the way.

Commonly, I am known as the chef. There is always room at my table for one more dinner to devour. I love my family and want them to grow a love for cooking as they mature and leave home. My hope is Devour Dinner will allow my family, my friends, and all who grace this site with a deeper passion of cooking. To take the guess work out of “What’s for dinner?” and bring memories back to the table. A place were new, fresh, homecooks can learn the basics needed to make a meal and gain confidence in what they are doing and enjoy the moments surrounding a table.

Take a look around! You just might find something you like.

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